With so much going on at The Magic Tower we only post news regarding our main events. If you have any questions or news yourself, please speak to your child’s class teacher or call us on 01264 77115.

Autumn term off to a busy start!

Once again the Autumn term has got off to a very busy start and we are pleased that our new children are settling in well and it’s lovely to see how excited the “old” children are to come back to school and how much they have grown! Many activities have been planned for this term including celebrating Chinese Lantern Festival (September), Divali (October) and Thanksgiving (November).

Harvest Collection

During the first two weeks of October the children will be learning about Harvest. Posters and baskets are in the entrance hallways for our harvest collection. A shopping list of suitable products is available – all contributions will be most welcome and items will be given to Andover Foodbank to be distributed to local families. The last day for Harvest food collection: 13th October.

Nature Walks

We have scheduled three Nature Walks to the woods opposite the school. Full details of the walks date/time and submission date for the permission slips are in the September parents’ newsletter. Every child will have the opportunity to participate in one of the walks. We need and welcome parents’ help and participation to ensure one adult to two children. Thank you to parents for all your help.


We had very successful collections for Bags2school last year and have arranged another one for November 2017 – perfect timing to clear your wardrobes and cupboards before Christmas! A letter and bag will be distributed to parents. Clothes, jewellery, cuddly toys are all accepted, but do check what can’t be donated. All your donations are weighed and the school receives a cheque! Please bring in any donations to school on Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th November. Thank you.

Christmas Concerts

Our Christmas concerts are one of the highlights of the school year. This year we will have two concerts on Monday 4th December 2017, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each child will participate in one concert. Full details and invitations will be issued to parents in November.

No Nuts, No Sesame Policy!

Please note that we have updated our NO NUTS Policy to included NO SESAME. Please ensure your children do not bring any nuts/nut products or sesame products to school, e.g. peanut butter, Nutella, Bakewell tarts, marzipan (contains almonds), pesto (contains pine nuts), sesame seed buns, humous etc, as we have children who are seriously allergic to such products.

Car Park & Road Safety

To ease the flow of traffic and maximise safety, please be prompt in your drop off and pick up timings. And keep the time your cars are parked to a minimum. Please make sure our neighbours’ driveways are kept clear, and not used as a turning point.


▪We do spend some time each day outside. Please could children have clothing and shoes suitable for the weather. Coats and wellies are needed as it is getting much colder and wetter too! Please ensure all coats and wellies, hats and gloves are named. Thank you.

▪Healthy Options in packed lunches please, i.e. no sweets, bars of chocolates and only water please.

▪After lunch children are encouraged to clean their teeth. Please remember to pack a tooth brush and toothpaste in your child’s lunchbox (all clearly labelled)

▪Please always let one of the teachers know if your child has hurt themselves or felt unwell in any way before they come to school – we can then be aware of any signs and symptoms.

As a precaution to minimise the risk of infection, children who have been given Calpol/Nurofen for whatever reason, should not be at nursery for 24 hours after administering the medication. Our Infection Control policy can be found here > >.

▪We celebrate children’s birthdays at school with a special Montessori Birthday Activity. You are welcome to bring in a cake, small cakes or biscuits for your child to share with their friends. Please check with the teachers with regards to how many children will be present on the day of the celebration, which could be earlier or later than the actual birthday if the birthday falls on a weekend/holiday.