You and The Magic Tower

When your child joins The Magic Tower, you do to! Your imput, help and enthusiasm are every bit as important as anything we can offer. We’ve had Mums and Dads playing musical instruments, demonstrating how plants grow, and bringing along a variety of pets and farm animals to help the children learn about the world we live in.
Your help is also very welcome (essential!) on outings: during Nature Walks; at our Christmas Concerts; on our Summer Outings and at our Sports Days. We make great effort at all times to keep you closely in touch with your child’s progress. Parents meetings are held when you will be invited to come in to review your child’s Learning Journal and their progress.

Links between home and nursery:

The staff use good methods to enhance relationships with parents and share experiences from home. During each of your child’s sessions, there is time for them to share their news and experiences with the rest of the group.

Barnaby Bear, Digby Dog, Geoffery Giraffe, Monty Monkey!

The children have opportunities to take their classroom mascot home to share their learning experiences away from nursery. Children record what they are doing with the mascot and share their experiences with their friends and teachers back at nursery. This helps to promote continuity of care successfully between home and the nursery.

Home Link Boxes

To support the children and strengthen the link between home and nursery, we have introduced “Home Link Boxes”. These are empty, but interesting boxes for you to take home and with your child put in items that will help them to recall an event or experience.

On a rota basis, your child can borrow a Home Link box. Perhaps your child has a favourite toy or a drawing they’ve created which they’d like to talk about, or they’ve been on an exciting trip and have tickets or a map to show, whatever they’d like to bring in needs to actually fit in the box! All items will be returned to you.

The classroom mascots and Home Link boxes are lots of fun. They are great ways of helping your child develop their vocabulary, support their social and emotional development, and increase their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Photo of kids eating ice cream


Being part of a thriving community, The Magic Tower embraces fundraising activities and has collected many thousands of pounds for various local and national charities over the years. Past activities have included Teddy Bears Picnic, Easter Egg donations, Cake sales, Food Bank donations, Clothes bank donations as well as various seasonal events.

Our Policies

In compliance with OFSTED requirements, the Magic Tower has policies covering all aspects of the nursery including Safeguarding Children, Equality of Opportunity, Promoting Health and Hygiene, Employment, Health and Safety, Administration, Child Care Practice, Partnership with Parents and other Agencies and Record Keeping. A Policy Folder is available to parents of the school on request from the Class Supervisor.

If your child develops any form of illness please inform the school promptly – this will enable us to take any necessary action to minimise the risk of infection, and also to inform vulnerable persons who may be exposed to the infection.

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